Jay (musiuuu) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cone Collar on Cat

My pussy has been scratching hisself raw behind both ears for the past few weeks; we've tried lotions and potions, ointments and salves, all but to no avail. This evening I couldn't stand the bloody mess anymore and put the cone on him. It's the first time for him, and he's still very disoriented, moving like he's half blind or something, which I guess he is since the collar's not crystal clear, but nearly clear.

So's it got me to thinking that while it's all well and good to keep him from scratching his ears, what's he gonna do when it comes to his instinctive, necessary grooming? Eating and drinking? Is 2 weeks too long to keep it on until everything's good and healed? Any insight or advice, TQCers?  
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