on_my_heart (on_my_heart) wrote in thequestionclub,


I have three dogs. An English Mastiff, A Chihuahua, and a Golden Retreiver. They are all up to date on their flea treatments. The Mastiff went to the Vet on Monday, full check and shots, and they checked her for fleas. No fleas. Today, the Chihuahua went to the vet, full check, shots, and they checked her for fleas. No fleas. The groomer came to my house today to groom my Golden Retriever only, and he apparently has fleas.

What is the likelihood that only one of my 3 dogs has fleas? They all live together, potty together, sleep together. She is giving him a flea treatment right now and I just checked my other two for fleas and nothing. No one in my house has bites either. I've had fleas twice in the past about 4 years ago and only had one dog at the time, so I'm really confused. I thought if one got it they all got it?
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