musicboxwaltz (musicboxwaltz) wrote in thequestionclub,

if you heard a neighbors child screaming and crying multiple times of the day what would you do? sometimes it goes on for 30 minutes+

I walked by to see what the hell was going on, and the little toddler was half naked outside with a very large dog, 2 parents inside.
the dog saw me and barked and the little girl was startled and started banging on the glass door to be let in.
then I heard the mother curse "what the fuck!!....." like she was blaming the child or something?

I've called CPS once and the cops went over there to check on them, they came over to my place first and asked which place it was and one cop said to the other "oh yea that place with the big dog, there's something weird about them"

needless to say the crying and screaming hasn't gotten any better what so ever, in fact worse.

I am torn, because maybe it's a temper tantrum child like I've seen on wifeswap or whatever show, or maybe it is child abuse. I also wouldn't want some other childs' childhood memories be of crying 24/7.

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