Eric (kingeryck) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was playing Half Life: Black Mesa yesterday, and randomly thought about an old video game that came out around the same time as Half Life, Requiem: Avenging Angel. It was an FPS, and you were a rogue angel or something and you got cool magic powers. Turn people to salt, possession, etc. Not a popular game, not something I've played in many years but I was thinking about how a lot of games just have gimmicks if they can't just create good game play.

I was taking out the trash later and while I was walking to the dumpster, a copy of Requiem was on the ground. I was like 'WOAH! WHAT? I was JUST thinking about that game!'. Pretty freaking odd considering the age and relative obscurity of the game and I was just thinking about it.. and a copy is sitting right there in the middle of the parking lot! What does it mean??

What weird coincidences have happened to you lately?
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