xeonha (xeonha) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I need to do an ethnographic project on the subject of the sacred element of body modification.

The body modification can be anything, even the lack of modification like not removing facial or body hair. It just needs to have some sort of sacred or spiritual meaning. So not something like a remembrance tattoo of a late relative unfortunately. I need to interview two different people with these questions:

- What was the body modification that was performed?
- Why did the informant have it performed?
- What spiritual/religious significance did the informant attribute to it?
- Did the informant have any spiritual experiences while the modification was being performed?
- Does the finished modification serve as a spiritual reminder on a daily basis?
- What are the informant's cultural and religious backgrounds?

So here's my questions:
1. What do you think (besides tattoos and piercings) falls under this category? Beyond the obvious of like, circumcision.
2. If I wanted to post this under craigslist to find people to interview, what category would I post it under?
3. Does anyone here have a sacred modification? Would you mind answering these questions (and possibly more)?
4. Do you know anyone with sacred modifications? What do you think of it?
5. If you could get a sacred modification what would it be?
6. If you do have one, do you regret it? If yes, why? Or, if you love/like it, what do you love/like about it?
7. Did you ever take an anthropology class? What type? Did you enjoy it?
8. Opinion on "evolutionary anthropology"?

eta: sacred in the anthropological context; sacred vs. profane: sacred meaning it is revered, precious, and not to be defiled, and profane meaning normal like right vs left hand (right is sacred because it used for social interactions and left is profane because it used for bathroom purposes).
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