Polish, Irish and 99% Bullshit-Free!!! (rano_kwiatek) wrote in thequestionclub,
Polish, Irish and 99% Bullshit-Free!!!

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dumb stuff

1. What's something dumb that you repeatedly do, even though you know it is a bad idea? To those wiseasses who are tempted to answer "replying to your question."... It's not cute or funny. And we all saw it coming.
I myself insist on having chocolate, even though i know it'll totally fuck up my blood sugar.)

2. What's a dumb habit of a friend of yours that drives you crazy?
My friend lets her cat drink from her coffee cup, and I think it's disgusting. but she'll never stop, and i'm not going to tell her to cause it's her choice.

3. Do your parents have any dumb habits?
My father is an alcoholic. Enough said.

4. What is a bad habit that you had, but have quit doing it and are proud?
I quit smoking after almost two years. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

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