Susan (suzermagoozer) wrote in thequestionclub,

i don't usually have long setups...sorry.

i work at a place that employs several documented workers (aka immigrants). Most, if not all of them work year 'round doing various types of physical labor.

we also are a seasonal business....and we are heading into the off season. Ergo, some people leave their jobs in May and return in October. From what I understand many of them collect unemployment. I know this is common practice in towns that rely heavily on tourist seasons.

Anyway...there has obviously been some discussion about the immigrant marches going on lately. Last month all of the documented workers stayed out one day, and none of them attended the march on this past Monday.

Anyway...I have heard a lot of employees talking about the immigrants and some of them getting mean about them "getting a day off." Then...I recently found out that a lot of the American employees who collect unemployment over the summer have cushy jobs waiting for them that pay under the table. So they can collect unemployment AND not pay taxes on money they earn off the books.

This whole thing makes me mad. On one hand there are hard working year round (probably illegally documented) immigrants...and then lazy Americans who think nothing of working illegally while collecting a government check.

So what would you do?
Would you call the labor board?
Report individuals to the IRS?
Do nothing?

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