omg_cute_ (omg_cute_) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. When you see "xmas" and "x-posted" do you read it in your head as ex-mas/ex-posted or as the full word (Christmas/Cross-posted)?

2. Geeky: Do you have any favorite "educational" games that are available online?

3. This is a tough one to explain, and I feel kind of dumb asking it, but I figure anyone who has seen this will know what I am talking about: When I wear glasses I can often see what looks like I'm looking through a microscope if I'm looking at a certain angle and looking more at my glasses instead of through them. Seriously. There's a circular shape and I can see a few little round "things" that look like some kind of bacteria/cells/organisms/whatever that you'd see in a microscope. What is this, why do I see it?

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