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Follow-up to my Prior Post

Prior posting history of "woolofbat". Such insignificant trifles.

We all do things that are wicked on some level. To say that retribution will come back to me is fruitless. I have endured several lifetimes of pain and misery. As I leave each body, the pain still remains within me. It was a Sign, after I witnessed the torment that Vlad the Impaler unleashed upon the Innocents, that there was no goodness in this world. I had to embrace the Darkness. I invite you all to do the same. Whether or not I am this "charmecia" person is of no matter. For, one day, I will leave this body. And it could be yours that I take over.

Do you hate me?

An edit:
I have learned that McDonald's has created a Caramel Pie. Certainly I am appalled. I may have to focus my energy on eradicating this vessel of destruction.

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