ststepdown (ststepdown) wrote in thequestionclub,

Interview help!


Tomorrow, I have an interview! At a printing plant as a screen printer/press operator!
My best friend works there as a pre-press person and has bright fire engine red hair (rock and roll red by manic panic to be exact!) and lots of visible tattoos. All of her co-workers have very visible tattoos/piercings and large gauge plugs etc.

Is it safe to assume that I am okay to interview with blue hair? What would YOU do?

TL;dr from this point on probably.

I am very qualified for this position and the managers have been asking my friend repeatedly about me filling out an application(after hiring and firing 4-6 people who claimed to be qualified but weren't), I was waiting until I was fed up enough with my current job to send one in and sent it out yesterday and received a call today.

I would definitely sacrifice having bright blue hair for this job, but would rather not if I don't HAVE to.

I am REALLY fed up with my old(current) job and would really love this new job (ESPECIALLY BECAUSE ITS ON DAYS! YAY SLEEPING AT NIGHT!) so I am kind of panicking! Thanks!
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