Kayley (saloonperfume) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my best friend and I are considering going as Silent Hill monsters for this Halloween. What monster do you think I should be? 

In case it's relevant, I'm 5'8'', and a little on the, uh, slightly overly voluptuous side. So in order to make it look good, I need to be able to work with being somewhat tall, with big boobs, although I don't necessarily have to be anything female. So, like, super-jacked Pyramid Head is out unless I make it like a ~sexy female version~ or something. I'd prefer not to be a nurse because they're over-done.

What have you done recently that was a lot of fun?

Last night I went to a bar/rodeo with friends! It was so much fun. My friend's dad was in the band that was playing, and we watched hot cowboys rope cows and drank whiskey and ate BBQ.

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