newlivehistory (heyfashion) wrote in thequestionclub,

so yesterday, my dog hurt his shoulder somehow outside and is now limping. He is trying to avoid using it as much as possible, but he is trying to walk on it a little more today. My family is divided about taking him to the vet. My sister and myself want him to go to the vet because he seems stressed out and for all we know he could have done some serious damage.  My parents  are saying "no, he'll be fine, he probably just sprained it or pulled it out of the socket and there's nothing the vet can do for that".  What would you do? Should we wait a little bit and see if it gets any better, or just go ahead and take him to the vet?

 He is a 9 year old pug if it matters. Also, he has not gone to the bathroom (#2) since he hurt himself.

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