Tara (oneandonlytara) wrote in thequestionclub,

Disney Parks and Islands of Adventure!

Hey TQC!

I'm heading down to Disney World/Islands of Adventure in just over two weeks. I've not been there in a number of years so I'm really looking forward to it. Can someone help me with some questions?

1) I'm going with my best friend, her Mom, Aunt and cousin. We are trying to do this trip relatively on the cheap, so we've purchased 3-day base tickets for Disney without the park hopping option. My best friend thought this would be cost effective, but a) there's five of us and I can foresee some bummed people if we choose a park they'd rather not visit since we can only do one park per day. If it were solely up to me, I would have purchased park hoppers so that we can all see what we want. b) It's my bff's Mom's first Disney trip EVER and she's marked things she wants to see/do at each park. We do have the option to add the hopper to our ticket once we get there for just over $50, but I've not brought up the idea yet because I'm doubting everyone would want to. Not everyone NEEDS to either, but most likely, we'll all be together at the parks, so in this situation it's kind of all or none. I'm fine with just the 3-day, but how would you suggest I bring it up as an option? I don't want to sound like I'm making it all about me.

2) Those who HAVE been to Disney lately, worth it to park hop? If it were up to me, I'd spend a day at MK, one at Animal Kingdom since I was last in Disney before it opened and the other at Hollywood Studios and/or Epcot, but Epcot is really not my most favourite, but of course I need to see what everyone else choices are. WWYD TQC? I'm more or less trying to think of my bff's Mom here, who has never seen Disney so I kind of want to see it all for her sake.

3) Concerning IoA, our main reason for the actual trip is to do Wizarding World. Because of this, we're only doing just the one park because it's all we really care about. I know about the insane lines for the shops and Forbidden Journey, but let's pretend we see all we want and are done by like... 2pm. Is there enough to see/do at IoA besides Wizarding World that would fill the rest of our day? I've also never been to IoA before. They were actually building it last time I was at Universal.

Also, it might need to be noted that my bff just kind of took it upon herself to tell us what tickets to get. I was the only one she really consulted with, and I briefly mentioned park hopping, but she kind of blew off the idea because of the added expense. I'm not sure she truly realizes how advantageous it might be considering her Mom's never been and she wants to see everything.

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