Shannon (persian__girl) wrote in thequestionclub,

Are there people who have real psychic abilities?

So, my coworker went to a psychic the other day. Her description of my coworker was dead on. She told her she was nosey, that she thought only she could do things right (for example: say somebody does the dishes, she'd go do them over again because they weren't to her standard), that she is the dominant person in her relationship, and that she grew up in an abusive household and her children did as well. All of this was true. She told her that 'in 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months something will happen in your life that will change you forever.' At the end of this year she is going on a trip to Honduras to help build a school for children, which even *I* had been thinking will be a life-changer for her. She then went on with her future predictions, all of which we wont know if theyre true until a couple years to come.

I never really believed in psychics, but I don't know how this stranger could know all about her personality and past without knowing even her name before meeting her? So is she the real deal, or what are ways for people to find out these kinds of details without knowing who theyre going to be reading beforehand?

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