grrlplea (grrlplea) wrote in thequestionclub,


TQC, do you think it's bad when competition with others is the only thing that motivates you to work hard? I feel like no matter how hard I try to set high standards for myself, I always end up giving up on my goals--not because I don't think I will reach them but simply because I lose interest. It's like my self-motivation just peters out until I find something else interesting.

If, however, there are people that I know I want to "beat" and be "better than," it's SOOOO much easier for me to get off my ass. I'll do anything, any amount of work or sacrifice if it means I can be the best or be better than someone else. Problem is, well, I don't know it seems like a problem. I mean, there's just something about not having that kind of inner motivation that seems like it's fated to fail at some point. Somewhere down the line, there may not be anyone to compete with OR competing with others may not give you what you want.

Obviously, I'm just projecting into the future. But, what do you guys think?

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