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ugh. why am i asian?

I'm having a dumb argument with my dumb older sister. Basically, I just finished nursing school, passed my boards, it's been three weeks and I haven't gotten a job/interview offer yet. So I'm doing freelance investigative/research work on the side for my brother-in-law.

I just started (only on my third report), so I'm really slow - a report that would take my BIL five hours takes me 10-20 hrs of maximum working-my-butt-off. So we agreed that I only do one at a time until I get better at it, and that I have two days off a week in order to apply for more nursing jobs (new ones show up each week, and it takes me awhile to readjust my resume and cover letter per hospital) because ultimately nursing is my priority even though it pays less than research. Also, because no way in fuck am I working seven days a week.

My sister and my dad disagree, saying that because I am unemployed and because my BIL is doing me a favor, I should take on as many reports as I can, and work as hard as possible to get them all done because right now I don't have a job and I need the money. I disagree, because I can't possibly do all that at one time without being sloppy, and my BIL does not need to be working extra to fix any sloppy reports. My turning down an extra report does not mean BIL has to do more - he just turns down the extra job from his boss. My taking an extra job and fucking it up means he has to do more work. Yes, I'm VERY grateful for the money and the work, but not enough to fuck up the job.

So I guess I'm looking for validation here. Do you think it makes any sense to pick up more work than you can handle in order to "get better at it" and to make more money (even when you are already making a decent amount) or is it better to work on one report at a time until you are really fast and then take on more? I am worried that in trying to do a good job, I am actually being lazy...

Oh and also sister and dad think I should give up on nursing since "it's already been three weeks" and "your BIL has an art degree and he's not doing art". Does that make any sense to you?

Granted, my dad has also threatened to kick me out of the house for not being thin enough, but that's another story...

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