lydia_golis (lydia_golis) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I've decided (2.5 months prior to the end of it) that I do not wan to renew my lease of a bedroom in a single family home with the live-in, over-involved landlady I've mentioned once or twice. Besides the fact that I've never lived in a group living situation that didn't have an omnipresent authority figure as a "run to the teacher first" referee, and honestly I need to just experience that, the practical gripes are:

a) the ancient dishwasher has been broken since before I moved in, and it's not even on her radar as an issue. Fine, her right. My right? Leaving to find a place in this city that doesn't require I wash dishes by hand.

b) I'd like to wash my own clothes again.

c) I'd like to see if there's a refrigerator better configured to take the perishable goods storage of multiple people.

d) I want to have my housing unit's main entrance actually be at it's address. For late night cabs and mail delivery.

e) I'm surely forgetting others at the moment.

But also, it's that I feel suffocated more than a little.   Nearly every time I walk in the door, there she is, giving me the third degree full of tangents for the next half hour, and commenting on my looks.  I know that legally all that needs to happen is a letter of notice/decline of lease renewal, and the settling of the deposit.   But knowing this lady, she'll want to know why I don't want to live in her house anymore.  Being business-like alone won't cut it with someone who admitted she agreed to rent to me with a co-signer because I look like her daughter. 

What, if any, reasons do I give her when the time comes, TQC?

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