sofriggencoolx (sofriggencoolx) wrote in thequestionclub,

I got a second hole in my ears in may that would not seem to heal. I've been following my piercers directions and cleaning it properly with salt and water and the one cleared up just fine. However, the other has given me nothing but problems. More problems than any other piercing I've had. I took the earring out and its all swollen and hard and a little red around it and pussing... I cleaned the earring itself and decided to leave it out for tonight...

Was this a horrible idea? Someone told me if it is indeed truly infected the infection might spread now that I took the earring out and now I'm paranoid. Also, would trying to put the earring back in tomorrow be a horrible idea?

I tried to talk to my piercing parlor but I've been in another continent and they don't want to give me advice without seeing it....

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