lorie (flytome) wrote in thequestionclub,

job confusion.

So a couple weeks ago, I interviewed for a job at a local coffeehouse. I got a call about a week later saying that they wanted to hire me. I called them and accepted the position, and because I was out of town I said that I would call back at a specific time a few days later. I did, and he did not answer so I left a voicemail asking him to call me back about when we should meet to decide my schedule.

A couple days after this, my sister was hit by a car crossing a street. She lives a few states away, so my family and I have been shuffling back and forth to take care of her. In the midst of all this, I honestly kind of forgot about the job because I was so overwhelmed with the situation and was out of state anyway. But they never called me back, and now that it's a couple of weeks later I'm wondering what to do.

I'm thinking of just calling and explaining my situation, but because they never called me back in the first place I'm a little skeptical in regards to if I even still have the job position at all. I know it's partially my fault for not calling again, but should I just call again and see what they say or write it off?


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