dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you feel about illegal immigrants? Focus on the illegal part...

What do you think your country could do to make immigrating legally an easier process for people?

What do you think of Canada's immigration policies? Specifically the whole denying families with autistic children deal...



I recently found out my super-awesome-love-her-so-much grandma is an illegal immigrant, and Im kinda shocked, she has always been a super "never bend the rules or break the law to suite your whim" type person, for instance when I wanted to donate blood despite having had sex with a man who has had sex with a man she told me "lying and breaking the rules is not the way to inspire positive change"

But honestly, knowing the circumstances she was dealing with/where she was coming from and the time period, I have no shred of judgment, Im so glad she got out and came here and made my mom lol.

I really hate our current policies and mindsets toward immigrants in general, I live in a town with lots of Hispanic workers and its so irritating the constant jokes and slurs I hear....seriously dudes, cause I know your ass is not getting out of bed at 5am to go work tobacco .


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