The Observer (promeny) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Observer

What I have never understood is the amount of online presence that autistic people and psychotic people have, and the large differences between the two. With autistics, there are entire forums, blogs, self-advocacy and political sites, and a huge presence on tumblr. You have people advocating self-diagnosis and see people do so left and right, it is almost maddening. It is different with the psychotic presence; there are no sites or large forums that I have mentioned, there is only one significant forum in fact ( There aren't very many blogs, not much presence on tumblr, and most psychotic people only have the sense to tell others that self-diagnosis is a pretty erroneous thing.

Why is there such a difference? Psychotic people outnumber autistic people, so you'd think that they would have a greater presence, but there are hardly any to be found. I understand that stigma may play a role but still, I'm baffled.
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