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Help! Sick Doggie

I have a corgi pup that was born on 11/7/05 that is ill. I am asking for help here because currently I do not have the money to take him to an emergency vet (since they won't work with me on payments and I don't have a credit card) because I am moving in less than a week and have all my money tied up in that. Anyways, here is the scoop:

Around 8:30 am I walked him before going to work and his stool was normal. I then left him out of his crate, but in the bedroom with my husband to go to work. He had to leave by 11:30 am and when I spoke to him, he said Ein's potty was normal. The dog spends time in his crate when we are at work, so there's no way he could have gotten into anything while he was unsupervised - and all that goes in his box with him is a blanket to lay on, a biscuit when he first goes in and a bone to keep him busy during the day. I got home around 3:10 pm and walked him. I noticed he had very watery diarrhea - practically all water. I brought him back in and kept an eye on him. Then, when we came in, he got sick four times over the course of about 90 minutes - mostly water and what looked like maybe the fuzz off one of his toys? I called my vet and explained it to her and she said to keep an eye on him, and if I wanted I could get some liquid Immodium and give it to him. I didn't go get any though, because he seemed to be feeling a little better - mopey, but active and alert (basically, like any sick person who is miserable).

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so I must have dozed off. I awoke to find he'd had an accident, with a small amount of solid, but mostly brown water. I cleaned that up and took him out straight away. His pooh this time was very watery, with some lumps (but not solids) and the colour was very odd. Under the street lights in the parking lot it was hard to tell, so I took him inside and came back with a white napkin to soak some of it up with. It's ... reddish and purpley? Hard to describe, but not any bright, fresh or dark, old blood colour. This worried me greatly because it's not obviously blood, but it's a possible reason for the discolouration (maybe a few blood vessels burst from all the activity?).

My vet is long since closed, so I called my mom who is, not only a mom (aka practically a nurse by default), but an avid dog enthusiast with years of experiance in all aspects of dog handling. I sent her a pic of the napkin to analyze and it concerned her too, but since it's not very bloody (if that is even why), she said until the regular vet opens she thinks he will be ok, provided he keeps down any liquids and doesn't get worse. She had me boil some rice and drain the starch water off and put a little beef boullion in it to give him, in hopes it would congeal in his tummy and seal in any liquids he could get (she used to do this for me as a kid - always worked). He hasn't wanted to drink or eat anything, so I had to use a syringe to get 30mL down in him. I am letting him rest and will try to give him some more in a bit. As of all this writing, he has kept it down no problem.

I would like any thoughts, ideas, experiances with this sort of thing you can share. I am a very responsible pet owner and if it weren't for all my money being tied up in moving, I would suck it up and take him to an emergency vet (which in most cases I have done too eagerly in the past out of fear - since my animals can't talk to me, I get very freaked out when they're ill and err on the side of caution). I will keep a very close eye on him and if he's still not better take him to my regular vet straight away first thing in the AM. But if you guys have gone through anything like this and tell me he should go RIGHT NOW, I will pawn the title to my car or something to pay for the emergency visit. Thank you all so very much in advance and please spare some good thoughts for my doggie, if nothing else.
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