Chelsea (seaponies) wrote in thequestionclub,

My friend just spazzed on me because I told him I am failing Chemistry and Algebra 2 for the year. (I am a Junior) He talked and yelled for a very long time about getting into college and my grades. I've always done fairly average in school but last year and boiling over into this year I have had some mental health issues with depression and being slightly suicidal and still having a million school things to do. I never told anyone how I was feeling. On top of that, math and science are my worst subjects. I mean it sucks that I failed two classes for the year. My first failed classes ever. But at least I didnt fail all the others. I got into Wesleyan for a 5 week art program in the summer. I'm taking a college english course next year, an AP Art portfolio class and I will continue to volunteer shitloads. Plus, I plan on having tons of good grades and have had good grades in all my other classes. I have my English AP exam on Monday which I plan on doing well on. SATs are soon and I know I will do about average on that.

I want to go to art school. Will these Fs really fuck me over? He was just making me really upset about it. I can't change these Fs. I am taking Accounting for math next year and Environmental Science -- easy courses, I know. I just don't want to fail again in those areas. Is there a site that tells me specifically what I need to get into some art schools?

p.s. I am doing a lot better so I feel I can handle things more easily.
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