b♥pp (b0pp) wrote in thequestionclub,

DVD-in-the-mail services

Can y'all give me review on the DVD-in-the-mail services you use?
Anything besides Netflix. I'm tired of their shit, and I'm switching to something else, based on input I get from others.

I think I'm leaning towards greencine.com because of their anime selection.


Since everyone here loves Netflix and can't see why I am in with teh hate:

I have had Netflix for 15 months. In those 15 months, I've had lost discs, broken discs, scratched and unplayable discs, misplaced discs in the sleeve of the movies I ordered, completely wrong discs shipped to me, and throttling (slowing down of my shipments because I'm a big renter).

Multiple times a month, every month.

The final straw was that I moved in March and they kindly offered as a "COURTESY" to put my account on hold until I was settled and had updated my address. Only they billed me for March. My account was finally put on hold by them on the 15th of March, and reactivated on April 22nd, at which time they billed me again for a full month. And they refuse to give a credit of any kind for the month of March. In my correspondence with them prior to putting my account on hold, they made no mention that there would be no credit to my account.

Their customer service sucks donkey balls and they are incompetent.
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