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TQC, help me find this movie!

(Note: I've also posted this to whatwasthatone, so apologies if you see this twice).
Hi everyone! I'm trying to figure out the name of a movie that I saw a scene from once. I saw it in 2003, but I'm pretty sure the movie wasn't too recent- I'd say it was probably early 90's or 80's. I was in a drama class and we had to pick scenes from movies to reenact, and a group of guys picked this scene. I have a feeling that this movie/scene is probably pretty famous, but all the Googling I've done hasn't been able to help.
Anyway, the scene is set in medieval Europe (or another period of time similar to that). It takes place in a castle where there is a swordfight/duel over becoming king. One guy kills the current king, and then someone kills him, and so on and so forth until we're left with a guy who comes in at the end, with the bodies strewn across the floor. He's kind of weird/scrawny, and has a squeaky voice. He picks up his sword and says something like "They're all dead! Now I get to be king!" and then pokes one of the bodies with his sword saying "Ooh, it's squishy!" He continues with his monologue about how awesome it is to be king while periodically poking the bodies and saying "Ooh, squishy!" etc.
For the LONGEST time I thought this was from either History of the World Part One or Monty Python's Meaning of Life, but from the descriptions I've read/what I've seen from those movies, neither of them are it. But the movie had a similar vibe- like it was a parody of knights/medieval times. I'm trying to remember if the actors had British accents, but I'm not sure.
I also don't think this was from a TV show, because this was before the whole "TV shows on DVD" phenomenon, but it might have been from a Saturday Night Live thing or something like that. I distinctly remember the cover of the VHS, though: it was a collage of different cartoon faces/events. This is why I originally thought it was from History of the World Part One, because of the drawings on the cover for that movie. Hell, maybe it is History of the World Part One, and I just can't find reference to the scene I'm looking for.
It is NOT Monty Python and the Holy Grail- I've seen that movie several times, and while the wedding scene is similar, it's not what I'm looking for. The movie definitely DID have a Holy Grail vibe/aesthetic, though.

Edited to add that the movie was on VHS, not DVD.
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