Jen (arrien) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've got chills, they're multiplyin'

Ok TQC.. I've been experiencing this weird...phenomenon. I don't know.

Since Thursday evening-ish I've been getting these random chill-like feelings on the upper-outer part of my right thigh. It feels like goosebumps, but they're sort of patchy from the top of my knee all the way up to my hip. They feel raised like goosebumps, and in the few seconds before they appear it feels like I'm getting the chills. But they are only in that one spot (no where else on my body) and come randomly during the day but regularly. I don't know why they are coming and and I don't know what they are! My mom suggested hives of some sort but they don't really stick around and they go away after the "chill" has ended. It's at the point where it's unnerving and annoying and a little uncomfortable. I mean, if they haven't been happening on a regular basis for the past five days I'd totally say they were chills/goosebumps - that's how much the sensation/appearance mimics it. ABut surely it's not that, after so many days, right?
TQC, what is this? Is this like a pre-cursor to shingles? Do I have lyme disease? hormonal issues?

Srs and non-srs. (But srs suggestions much appreciated).

Dk/dc: Have you ever taken and posted a photo for People of Walmart?
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