Acacia Hope (night_sky99) wrote in thequestionclub,
Acacia Hope

We have a nice little front lawn. Nice grass, pretty flowers, the whole shebang.

The black is the street, green is grass, grey is sidewalk, and the red is a small, brick border. Oh and the brown is mulch and the green circles are the plants and flowers. The one in the corner is basically dead.

Basically, some people have been letting their dogs piss on our flowers. In the corner, where our walkway meets the side walk, one of our plants is basically dead. The lawn reeks of dog piss, and there are some dead or dying patches closer to the sidewalk. Now, we have two dogs- two pugs- but we do NOT let them piss on the lawn. We have an entire back yard for that. If we take them for a walk, we let them do their business on the strip of grass between the road and the sidewalk- which is what we do in front of anyone's house.

My sister's boyfriend was out in the yard a couple days ago and a woman with her golden retriever walked by. She said something like "Oh my dog loves your grass. It's a shame you cut it." ...What the hell? Do the people in my neighborhood think it's alright to let their dogs roll around on strangers' lawns or something?

NOTE- It is not like there isn't a park or grass around here. There is a park literally down the street with lots of grass AND a brand new off-leash dog park there.

Anyway, it's getting freaking annoying that the plants and grass we buy and take care of are dying because some dog owners are idiots and can't use the strip of grass. My sister's boyfriend wants to sit in the window with a pellet gun and just shoot at the owners who let their dogs piss on our lawn- don't worry, we all veto'd that idea. I was thinking of making some little sign saying something like "Don't let your fucking dogs pee on our lawn" but, y'know, something nicer.

Do you think a sign would work? Any other ideas to keep people from letting their dog on our lawn?

TLDR: What would be a nice sign to make to let the fucking people who walk their dogs on my street know to keep their dogs off our lawn and not to let them pee there?
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