Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

Would you buy this-- Personalized Half Yard 32oz. Ale Glass with Stand? For yourself or for a friend? If you're big in to beer, would you like this as a gift? Is it just tacky?

I'm thinking of buying it for my older brother. He can basically afford anything he wants and is generally just so hard to shop for. He and his buddies are really into gourmet beers. He goes to this restaurant/bar called Saucers where they keep track of how many beers you drink and you get to get a personalized plate put on the wall after you drink like a bazillion beers (he has two plates on the wall... think it's taken him about 6 years). He's currently living the bachelor life (again) and I can imagine him bringing it out for get-togethers and otherwise displaying it on his counter or bar.

**ETA**-- Meant to ask, if you did buy it, what would you personalize it with?
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