vivid_corners (vivid_corners) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know this is a long shot...I’m making room in my apartment and I’m trying to decide whether to keep these…uh, cameo boxes (?). I bought them at a garage sale years ago. Before I just give them away or sell them I’d like to find out what they’re worth, who made them, etc. I’ve done a lot of thrifting but have never come across anything like them and Googling has yielded no results at all, so I turn to you TQC! Can you tell me anything about them? Point me in the direction of a place or person who can?

I tried thrift_whore awhile back but my post wasn't approved, I'm going to give it another go but thought I'd ask here just in case I got lucky.




Pretty sure the back says "Blue Ribbon Style 874 BRMC 289?60". I think the busts are made of something cheap, ceramic maybe, two are broken at the neck line. The gold trim seems to be gold flake and a few small pieces have come off and are inside the boxes.

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