☞Liεяяε☜ (lierre) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear sewing people of TQC,

I recently started sewing again with a machine after about 12 years. I learned Amish quilting on a big fancy piece but the one I just got is a simple little mini one and I've never had my own before so I don't know much about troubleshooting yet.

Anyway I'm just hemming some curtains. The first one went perfectly. Then I switched out the top thread to be red for some red curtains. No matter what I do now, at the first stitch the red thread tangles down over the bottom bobbin (slanted straight across it to about 7 o'clock) and I have to open the machine and cut the threads to get everything loose again. Any suggestions? I can post a pic if it helps, it always looks exactly the same. I've tried 7 times now - rethreading, adjusting the tension of the top thread, making sure the needle is in the right direction and not bent, taking out the bottom bobbin to check it, out of ideas and the manual this little thing came with had no further suggestions.

Seriously, I cannot even figure out what the red thread is doing all the way over there at all! :(

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