Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

is it possible to screen a post in a community? besides the friends lock? maybe I want it friends-locked so my boss or whoever can't see it, but I also want a particular person in the community to not see it(like if i were getting a birthday present for a friend in the community, and asking for suggestions or something). is that even possible?
i wouldn't think so, but just in case.

Should I go to class in drag tomorrow? I think my boy pants are clean, and I got the hair clips so i could pull it off... it'll just take a while.

Also: I might've asked this earlier, but is there a way to search death records, obituaries, things like that for a specific city/time period? or will it have to wait till I'm in that city at the library and playing with their microfiche machine?
(As much as I'd like to think he's just busy, I find it unsettling that the last day he was on another service was also the last time he updated his LJ... almost 6 months ago.)
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