lp4ever_1128 (lp4ever_1128) wrote in thequestionclub,

i asked in whatwasthatone but i figured i might as well try here too. 

i'm trying to remember the name of a lifetime movie. it was within the last 10 years (probably within the last 5). it was about a woman who i think had some kind of mental illness or trauma or something. well, she went a bank and the teller got her id and said he had to check to make sure it was real, so he went to a manager and in the end i guess he ended up keeping the id. later he called the woman's mom and said that she had left her id at the bank. they end up getting married and the husband starts to make the woman feel like she is going crazy. he has a storage building that he makes some medicine for her to take but he makes it look like he is picking up her prescription from the pharmacy. the woman's parents are wealthy and i think they have some kind of surveillance company and the husband comes up with the idea to put a camera inside the rear view mirror in case the car is stolen. in the end the woman's sister or cousin or someone related is working with (and having an affair with) the husband to kill the woman to inherit her money. 

the husband also checks the mileage on the car (she is paranoid about it, he says it is because the gas gauge is messed up so he needs to know when to get gas), hides her keys to make her think she is losing things, goes into her computer and deletes importing things and says the she must have deleted them.

i can remember the entire movie, except for the title. and google isn't helping at all.

does anybody know what movie this is?
thanks in advance. 

found it. it was unstable http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1403260/

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