someone harder than you know (alittlebeast) wrote in thequestionclub,
someone harder than you know

Facial care!

Ladies, tell me all about your skin care regimens! As detailed as possible, please! Does it change when it's that time of the month? Also, can you list all of the products that you regularly use on your face?

I wash my face with a foaming witch hazel cleanser made by Dickinson's in the morning. I apply Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion, then apply my makeup (if I choose to wear some that day).

At night, I use Pond's Cold Cream to remove my makeup (if I wore it), wash my face with the witch hazel cleanser, swab my face thoroughly with Dickinson's witch hazel oil-controlling astringent (if I'm on my period), then swab with Dickinson's witch hazel pore-perfecting toner (this step remains in place regardless of what week it is). After all that cleansing, I massage Burt's Bees Radiance Night Cream into my face and neck.

I exfoliate twice a week with a natural exfoliant that I make myself.

Yes, I'm very loyal to those products, lol. My skin is very sensitive and those are the only things that are effective and don't break me out.
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