What happens when two substances collide (roasted_kiwi) wrote in thequestionclub,
What happens when two substances collide


I just walked into to the kitchen and noticed that the oven was on... but nobody has baked anything in at least 24 hours. There's a dirty pizza pan on top of the stove as well (my roommate's only food source at home is frozen pizza) and no pizza box is present in the bin since I emptied the recycling yesterday, which leads me to believe he made pizza a day or two ago and has left the oven on at 375 F since then.
He rarely ever is home at the same time as I am anymore so it's unlikely I can talk to him about it, and I'm against leaving notes for people since I had a roommate do that to me and it drove me up a wall. How passive-aggressive would it be of me to text him about this? Concerns here are not only the cost of keeping the oven on that long but also the DANGER OF BURNING THE DAMN HOUSE DOWN
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