Mariah (halrenna) wrote in thequestionclub,

Could someone give me some advice on how to approach my rental place about getting a cat? 

When we applied for this place the advertisement said no pets. But I do have a kingsnake which they allowed without question, though they tacked on a pet rent for him. We're in a duplex and the person in the other unit also has a very large (husky/malamute/German shepherd mix) dog. I thought because she was allowed her dog I'd have no problem asking for a simple cat, but I found out today that her dog is technically registered as a service dog to her, which started to shatter my hopes. I don't know if they'd point to that fact and tell me I'm SOL. But there's still the fact that I have my snake and they're already charging me pet rent, so it's like this tiny glimmer of hope. I'm super nervous about even asking at this point.

So basically, even if my chances are almost nil, what is the best way I could approach this with them? Even if they say no it doesn't hurt to ask, but I'd like to be as tactful as possible and try not to ruin my chances by saying something stupid. 
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