Lightbringer (xlightbringerx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Really? REALLY??

Have you ever deactivated your Facebook account? If so, would you be able to help me out?

I followed the instructions to deactivate it, saw this BS, clicked confirm at the bottom, redirected me back to my timeline. It looks exactly the same as it did before I deactivated it. I was even able to go back and "deactivate" it a second time, with the same result.

Am I doing something wrong? I expect it to give me some kind of confirmation--log me out, give me a pop up message, send me an email, something other than redirect me to a page that looks identical to a normal FB page.

Maybe it's my browser? I'm using Chrome and I never have any problems with it on this computer.

FYI I just want to deactivate it, not delete it.

EDIT: Thanks so much guys...I'll try again later tonight, after I'm done working.
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