tuquerida (tuquerida) wrote in thequestionclub,

dating and life passions

so, im new in the dating scene after a long relationship. on dating websites, people seem to stress that they want a partner to have something they are really passionate about. while i think that having a big passion makes someone interesting and proves that they are working towards something greater than themselves, i don't really know if i have one big life passion. i have smaller passions relating to my job in health care, travel and cultural sensitivity and curiosity, but i can't honestly say that i have something that i could name is my one big passion. i really just want to find a partner to do interesting things with, go interesting places, build a good group of friends and have a family.

do you think my lack of life passion will turn guys off?
do you think these people are just being snobby? (i am in boston, a very academic, progressive, snobby place)
or should i spend some time thinking about my true passion before starting to date?
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