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Does anyone care to comment on this blog post I happened to stumble across?

I’m sure the fact that I’m even touching this subject is going to piss people off, but hey, what else is new?

So recently, Mary J. Blige did a song for Burger King’s new fried chicken. Apparently, her fans are “outraged” that her, a black woman, would submit herself into such an “African American Stereotype”.

It’s FRIED CHICKEN. It’s a food. Get over it.

So apparently to fight racism, all black people need to boycott friend chicken, and if they don’t they will be adding on to an already existing stereotype?

Here’s an idea? How about you just stop giving a shit what color everyone is and eat whatever the hell you want? How about forgetting what color everyone is and DOING whatever the hell you want?

The more we reward people for being a certain color, the more people will become victims for being a certain color. Once we start acting like everyone is born with the same shot at success (Cough, Obama, Cough), racism might actually start to go away.

Is there a reason we have a black awards show? Is there a reason white people get a scholarship to a black college? Is there a reason there is such a thing as a black college? Should there be a college fund because you were born with curly hair? No. So there certainly shouldn’t be a college fund because you were born a certain color.

Giving rewards for something you have no control over teaches nothing but dependence. What happened to rewarding people for accomplishing great things? There are dirt poor, hungry, brilliant people out there who could certainly use a scholarship a hell of a lot more than someone who got one for being born a certain race.

Crime doesn’t happen because of a color, crime generally happens because of one’s surroundings. Put someone of every race into the burbs for their life and I doubt they’re going to get into a whole hell of a lot of trouble. Ship someone of every race off to Compton for their lives and I’m sure they’ll be getting into all sorts of trouble.

No one makes anyone live anywhere. It’s a recession. It’s not a black recession, it’s not a white recession, it’s not a hispanic recession, and it;s not an extra terrestrial recession. Hard times don’t discriminate.

Everyone is born with the some potential. What you do with that potential is up to you.

If I was offered a scholarship for being white, there’s no way in hell I would take it. That’s embarrassing. I did nothing to become white aside from being born to two white parents. I don’t take pride in being white, just as I don’t take pride in having a size 7 shoe, or naturally wavy hair.

I do take pride in the fact that I busted my ass to be a successful stay at home mother to a wonderful little boy. THAT I accomplished.

I’d rather give someone with endless potential but not enough resources who EARNED a scholarship get the chance to go to college and be successful.

Basically, I’m tired of everyone crying racism where there’s no racism being involved, other than expecting your race or another race to fight something that has nothing to do with them.

The longer you entertain reward for color, the longer you will entertain segregation for color.

End rant.
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