Emmett (lunasol) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay guys, excuse me for the ignorance/lack of knowledge, but i'm looking for a word/phrase here. I'm trying to say that i want to get a "combined degree" in two subjects, but i don't think "combined degree" is the phrase. Is there a better sounding substitute that isn't "I want to double major in..."?

EDIT: Thanks guys, i've sent the email.

Also, does anyone here have any experience applying for/being accepted to universities that AREN'T in the US? Ideally Germany, but wherever could work too. I had emailed these people at the international student office to ask about prerequisites and courses, and one replied saying that i can expect to find all the relevant information regarding application on the website at the end of May. From what i know so far about the admissions process at German universities, this doesn't really sound unusually last minute (the program starts in October, i have to apply by July 15, probably can't apply before June 1st), but it definitely seems last minute compared to US universities. People who may have had short timelines when applying to university (or any super important program with a bunch of requirements), did you feel like you had enough/ample time to get all the necessary things done, or was it very one-after-the-other, multiple-things-at-once?
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