Jac (majesticjac) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you post the title of the last tv show or mini-series you've watched&loved that is not ongoing? And is not rlyrly popular (like Friends, 6 Feet Under, Lost...) Can you describe, in as much detail as you so wish, what it is about?

My friend introduced me to Death Note. I don't watch much anime, but this one is sooo good. It's about a teenage boy who comes across a notebook (the "Death Note") that allows him to control the deaths of people he chooses, so long as the notebook is his. So he decides to make the world a good place by ridding it of criminals. The Death Note was dropped by a shinigami (death god) who follows him, being that the one with the Death Note is the only one that can see him. He figures, because the only connection between he and the people he kills is this notebook, there's no way he can be caught. OR IS THERE? I highly recommend. =)

And, yesterday I watched the first episode of My So-Called Life and am really excited to watch more of it. So far it's about the angsty life of a teenage girl - which makes it sound melodramatic, but it captures the mindset really well.

eta: I guess that Death Note is deemed being more popular than I knew it was. Moving on.
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