Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in thequestionclub,

@#&*@$ spam

I am somehow on an e-mailing list that has NO opt-out option. I get emails every week or few weeks offering coupons or payment options to take classes I am not at all interested in. I do NOT remember signing up for any mailing list of any sort and don't know how I got on this one (maybe from a class/conference I did because of work).

Anyway, I have replied to the admin email address several times demanding politely to be removed and both were COMPLETELY ignored. And now I get SO ANGRY every time they appear in my inbox. I HATE having my inbox clogged up with crap like this.

How do I get them to stop? There are laws against spamming email addresses without the option to unsubscribe, right? Can I threaten them somehow? What should I do?
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