Chelsea (metalheavy) wrote in thequestionclub,

two unrelated questions

1. Is there a way to get off 3rd party screen protectors on a DS? I've had mine on there for years and I never had a problem before, but now it's starting to affect my touch screen and my stylus won't register in certain places. I figure it's got to be the old screen protector (it's quite scratched now), but I can't get the thing off. I tried the tape method (with duct tape no less), didn't work. There's only a small area where I could try to pick at it, but I've had no success. I picked at one of the other protectors and it started coming up, so I don't think it's stuck on there. Anyway, help? I don't want to have to buy a new DS when the only problem is the protector.

2. How do you find a good hairdresser outside of just asking random people? If you know of one in the Virginia Beach area, tell me please!
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