S7 (flannery) wrote in thequestionclub,

Starting June 1st I'll be going to college and will subsequently be forced to leave my full-time position at work. I've discussed this a couple of times with my boss in an informal manner and we've decided that we'll leave my employment open and on-call, but it hasn't sank into his head yet! He reacted with complete shock when I reminded him of it last Friday, so I'm going to write him an official letter so there's completely no way to escape the fact....

but um....

what do I write? Can you please help? It isn't a letter of resignition, so I have no idea how to begin.

"Dear Mr. Lafferty, I regret to inform you that as of June first I will no longer be able to work as a full-time employee because I will be attending college this summer, as you know. If possible, I should like to remain a member of ___-employment in a part-time or on-call position. I deeply appreciate the opportunities and skills ____-employment has afforded me over the past two years and if there is anything I can do to help make the transition with my replacement go smoothly please let me know! Sincerely, Flan."

Does that work? Any suggestions?

**tears hair out**
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