Jillian (jelly_bean_847) wrote in thequestionclub,

work/school/life balance question

Here's the situation: I'm a high school junior, age 17. Last summer, I worked at a nearby college bookstore for much of my vacation. Last week, I worked there for three days during my spring break. The way we approached my return was that it would be on a small-scale basis until I get out for summer vacation. My boss scheduled me three times this week, and I got her to cut it down to once, telling her my parents wouldn't allow me to work more than once a week. But now they're saying they don't really want me working at all until school gets out.

I'm torn. On one hand, I don't want to "quit" temporarily--I like the job and love the people. But I won't have regular hours that I'll be available to work (I'm very active in my youth group, am in four IB/AP classes, and work as a teacher's aide in my synagogue's religious school). Basically the only time I'd be regularly available would be from 1-5 pm on Saturdays.

My stepmom says that she isn't opposed to it, but that she and my dad want me to keep my grades up for last quarter, and she's concerned I'll regret not having any free time. I have no clue what to do--I'm worried that my boss will write me off for the summer as well if I "quit", since they're temporarily hiring new employees for a couple of weeks coming up (transition between spring and summer semester).

So, do you think my boss will be more likely okay with me just stopping or working for a very brief time most Saturdays until mid/late June?

Thank you!!
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