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Books and virtual volunteering

1. Let's say you really enjoy a particular author's work. One day you somehow find out that this author is racist, antisemtic, or some other form of being prejudiced. This never showed through in his/her work to you. Given that you can know it's 100% true and not a rumor, how do you think this would affect you, if at all? (e.g., Would you still buy this author's books and/or take them out of the library and enjoy the work as you always did?, Would it somehow be harder for you to read the work?, Would you still recommend this author to others and if yes would you mention anything about the negative aspect of the author's personal life you've come to know?, etc.)

2. Here's another "Let's say" book-related question. Let's say you own 0 books (or at least 0 books that really mean anything to you) and you want to start a book collection/library from scratch at home, and at least start off with a relatively nice amount of books. How would you personally go about this?(choose all that apply) Also, how many books do you think you'd start off with?

a. Run over to Barnes and Noble, Borders, some other chain, or your local small bookshop (new books)
b. Run over to your local used bookshops
c. Online sites like
d. trusty livejournal booksale communities, craigslist, etc
e. ebay
f. other(s) Please explain!

3. What do you think of virtual volunteering? (I'm talking specifically about the ones where the whole thing can be done from home, not just part of it online and you meet offline somewhere to do other things) Have you ever done this before? And when it comes to resumes, is it a good idea to put it in or not, how do employers view this type of volunteering? Do they think of it less than in-person volunteering? (The volunteering of course would be for a nonprofit organization/charity)

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