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Do you think double majoring in college is really worth it?

I started my undergraduate career in Psychology, which I enjoyed and still enjoy to some extent now. However, I have never wanted to pursure a graduate program in Psychology. Since starting college, my interests have changed and though I still enjoy Psyc, I wish I'd chosen another major such as Political Science. As it turns out, I only have 14 remaining credit hours left in my major and I'm only at the end of my junior year. Do you think it would be worth it to try to pursue a second major in Political Science? It is in the same college as Psyc so a lot of the course requirements overlap - mostly I would just need to take 9 PoliSci courses. My other option is to graduate with a Psyc degree and pursue a graduate program in Public Policy/Administration (which I would pursue anyways, double major or not).

(Also, the PoliSci department does not offer a minor so that's not an option)
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