Crimson Feather (bloodyhands) wrote in thequestionclub,
Crimson Feather

So here's a short story.

I bought an eye shadow palette off eBay. It however turns out to be the wrong thing and I want to return it. I will now describe the problem.
The palette I bought has two versions, one of which is a creme based version and one of which is a water based version. I wanted the water based one. I looked and found one that had the PICTURE of the water based palette on the auction. Got excited, didn't read the description and see they were actually selling the creme based version (it's in big letters if I'd scrolled down). It arrived, I opened it up and put my brush in it. That's when I realised it was the wrong thing.
That's all making it sound I knew like there was a creme based version. I didn't until I did a little research after getting the wrong version.

The picture is wrong, there is no mention of creme in the headline of the auction but that information is in the description.

Where do I stand? Do you think I have a right to a refund?

EDIT: Thanks. No refund for me! Lesson learnt.

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