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Where to find more drinking glasses?

Okay, see. There used to be a Marshall Fields here -- unfortunately, it closed last June. About two or so years ago, we went to Marshall Fields one day and got a set of four drinking glasses with this really cool design on the cups. They were made to look like vintage 1950s drinking glasses, with aqua blue/black lines and fishes going horizontally across the glass. The glasses belong to my mom.

My mom broke one of the glasses last year, bringing us down to 3 cups in that set. THEN, this morning, in a total freak accident, the 3rd cup slipped out of my hand as I was putting away the clean dishes. I tried to catch it before it hit the floor, but it smashed into a million pieces. :[ So, now we're down to two of these fabulous drinking glasses, and I don't want either one of us to break the other two we have left!

Now, I am on a quest to find replacement glasses that look like what we have -- it would be part of a fabulous Mother's Day gift, because my mom loves these glasses.

The problem is, I have no idea where to look! Yes, I looked on the Marshall Fields website because like I mentioned, the one that was here closed last year. I knew they wouldn't have this type of drinkware on their website anymore, since we got them sometime in 2004.

I don't even know what to type into eBay. I would -really- like to find replacement glasses like the one I have pictured. But if I don't, at least I tried.

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