la Fille au verre d'eau (linden_tree) wrote in thequestionclub,
la Fille au verre d'eau


I'm looking into getting a laptop as a graduation gift, but I don't know much about them, and I really want to make sure I'm educated on all the possibilities before I choose one. I'm googling up a storm of course but there's nothing like personal experience :) Along with all the regular stuff like wireless and CD-RW/DVD-Rom that I assume would come standard, durability and sound quality are quite important to me because I love my music, and I also tend to bang things around. I'd also like a decent size HD (like 60-70 gig) and something that looked really cool too.

Does anyone have any recommendations (upper range of spending is about $1500 Canadian)? Also, if any of you are laptop users could you tell me about your experience with them, and what other things I should look for?

I do appreciate it! :D
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