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There was a meme I saw some time ago. It was the same concept as Your Porn Name (first pet's name + Mother's maiden name) but it had a bunch of alternatives... not just the porn star one.

I'm a teacher and my students are going to be publishing some of the poetry they've written in my classes, under pseudonyms. I want to give them a bunch of suggestions for pseudonyms they might choose, and I thought that those "alternate names" would be a good way to do it. (Of course, I won't present the possible pseudonyms to my students as their porn name!)

I've tried Googling, but I don't really even know what to look up. Oh, I should specify that I'm looking for the formulas, not a site that you put in your real name and it creates a made up name for you.

So, do you know any of these formulas?
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